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Empíreo Diagnóstico Molecular provides its health services to all patients. We serve private patients without health insurance and patients with the following health insurance:

  • Canal salud 24

The companies that benefit from the agreements of Canal Salud 24 are the following:

Santa Lucia/ Sos Assistance España S.A.
Ocu (Saludabit)
Meridiano/La Corona Seguros
Grupo Preventiva
Mar Tierra Compañía De Seguros
Canal Salud 24 S.L.
American Insurance Company (Metlife)
La Fe Seguros
Previsora Mallorquina
Seguros Sevilla (Alandalus Salud)
Vital Seguros
Patria Hispana
Servicio De Salud Concertado De Huelva
Active Seguros
Caser (Decesos)

Aig Europe Limited

Markel International Insurance
Wr Berkley España

W.R.Berkley Europe Ag


In any case, the identification cards will carry the anagram CS24 except the Santa Lucia collective.

  • Serviall

The identification card must carry the Serviall logo.


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