Addition to the sporting life training and dedication must take into account the influence of the legacy we have from our parents. This can make us better able to perform certain physical activities or more prone to certain diseases.

For these gene peculiarities EMPIREO conduct an examination of certain genes that will facilitate choice of sporting activity for which are more tailored, type of training to be done, to avoid possible risk of sudden death and other heart related problems sport, in addition to knowing the type of diet we consume.

In each of the studied genes, different mutations were analyzed, being able to poll more than one mutation in same gene, so to approach the study of a process can be studied in greater or lesser depth.

In making a gene analysis of its heritage, it is a fully customized directions.

EMPIREO analysis focuses on the study of genes involved in these processes:

  1. Predisposition to hypertension.
  2. Use of energy intake in diet ( ability to use fats or sugars as an energy source, so that what is not used optimally, will be stored in the body).
  3. Preconditioning to accumulation of triglycerides, which is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
  4. Tendency to obesity.
  5. Ability to metabolize (leverage) agents optimally take advantage. Relating to use of anabolic complex.
  6. Detoxification capacity, elimination of carcinogenic compounds, free radicals and toxins.
  7. Survey of mutations associated with heart structure and function, involved in predisposition to sudden death.

EMPIREO offers four different analyzes aimed to study each of seven items listed above based on your needs.

  • SPORTGEN COMPLETE: If you want a comprehensive analysis, this is your test. 45 mutations were analyzed.
  • SPORTGEN BASIC: A general analytical depth less than SPORTGEN COMPLET. 25 mutations that do not include genes related to the ability to metabolize drugs are studied.
  • SPORTGEN SUDDEN DEATH: Includes 12 mutations, allowing a thorough analysis of this predisposition to heart failure.
  • SPORTGEN DETOX: Test includes 23 mutations especially suitable for athletes who are squeezed in gym. We study in depth use of the available energy in the diet along with ability to metabolize and eliminate drugs.

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