Aging is a complex process with its test EMPIREO AGINGGEN intended to counter, with early detection, cellular aging, in order to prevent and correct conditions slowing the deterioration vital.

It is an approach to preventive, predictive and regenerative time, as it aims to promote healthy longevity. There is a technique against aging but is designed for people who want health care and aging. It aims to study all the factors involved in the aging process and affect our health and our quality of life.

Not all age the same way AGINGGEN no studies aging itself, but as aging occurs in every person. By studying the genetic material in a single sample of saliva or blood, you can analyze the possible influence of our genetic risks on certain negatively affect our quality of life. In making a gene analysis of its heritage, it is a fully customized directions.

Pathologies whose predisposition they studied test are:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, preconditioning to the accumulation of triglycerides, which is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, risk of a thrombotic stroke) .
  2. Osteoporosis (bone deformities and weakness).
  3. Neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson or Alzheimer susceptibility).
  4. Risk of developing tumors, differentiated between men and women.
  5. Detoxification capacity, elimination of carcinogenic compounds, free radicals and toxins.
  6. Likelihood of developing drug intolerance.

A genetic analysis of this type provides an overview of a possible problem so it can be treated or prevented long before they appear simply changing habits and customs in many cases. Also get personalized treatments ensuring its effectiveness.

EMPIREO offers two different analyzes aimed to study each of the six items listed above based on your needs.

  • AGINGGEN COMPLETE: If you want a comprehensive analysis , this is your test. Mutations in 69 men and 73 women were analyzed.
  • AGINGGEN BASIC: A general analytical depth less than AGINGGEN COMPLET. Were studies 25 mutations that do not include genes related to likelihood of developing drug intolerance.

To receive detailed information first hand, please contact us and our experts will be happy to explain geneticists what constitutes evidence and how you can get the most from your results.

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