Transparency in animal experimentation

EMPIREO together with universities, public research centers and other companies in the biotechnology sector is a signatory of the COSCE document on Transparency in Animal Experimentation. Miguel Ángel Llamas, CEO of EMPIREO collaborated in the preparation of this document.

The signatories of the Transparency Agreement on the use of animals in scientific experimentation in Spain are committed to the following principles:

  1. Talk clearly about when, how and why animals are being used in research.
  2. Provide adequate information to the media and the general public about the conditions under which research is carried out that requires the use of animal models and the results obtained therefrom.
  3. Develop initiatives that generate greater knowledge and understanding in society about the use of animals in scientific research.
  4. Report annually on progress and share experiences.

The signatories of this document undertake to follow these four principles and to promote appropriate strategies for their organization to promote greater transparency about the use of research animals. The signatories also undertake to provide information annually on the activities carried out for this purpose.