What is HIV COMBO test?

This is a new test that gives you EMPIREO why can know with accuracy if you have been infected with HIV, regardless of the time of infection when you are.

Why HIV-COMBO test?

To explain, we provide a graph where you can see how evolution of the virus once infected, and that elements of it can be detected.


Rose on RNA, which is detected by ultrasensitive QUANTITATIVE PCR, EMPIREO test that is a reference appears. P24 ANTIGEN appears green. Finally in blue will show development of antibodies against virus. It is very important to note that pink line corresponding to RNA NEVER disappears, which means you can always be detected by RNA Quantitative PCR ultrasensitive and therefore EMPIREO has always used this test as a reference.

HIV virus infected once follows three phases in regard to shape of this diagnose and IN THIS IS BASED ON TEST HIV-COMBO:

  • An early phase during the first days of infection, in which genetic material can be detected by ultrasensitive QUANTITATIVE PCR. At this early, but way later stage, after about three weeks of infection, it can also be detected  p24 ANTIGEN virus.
  • Intermediate phase can last from months to years. At this stage there are viruses whose genetic material can be detected by ultrasensitive QUANTITATIVE PCR. Furthermore, production of antibodies by the immune system can also be detected starts.
  • In the more advanced stages of infection, there are large amounts of viruses that can again be detected by ultrasensitive PCR QUANTITATIVE, while ANTIBODIES. At this stage, it is generally aware of the infection and has been implanted medical treatment, so quantification of lymphocytes are made to ensure that the treatments are working effectively.

What is HIV- COMBO?

It is a comprehensive test for the detection of HIV, which are actually three tests, as it includes detection of the three elements of detectable infection, we have explained before:

What advantages does HIV-COMBO?

When searching for the three possible elements indicative of infection, result is most secure.

In addition, if positive, has possibility to orientate on what stage of infection you are, which helps dramatically for implementation of appropriate treatment.

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