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Includes 12 tests for STDs detection, most common. From one sample, at a much reduced price and at  same time that a single test. With  possibility of obtaining results within 72 hours or even just 24 hours if requested in the format “express”.

This analysis includes following detections:

HIV: virus responsible for AIDS. HIV 1 test  by qualitative PCR. HIV 1 detection can be requested using quantitative PCR or viral load with an additional supplement. This case the HIV test result is given in 24 hours or even can be taken in 90 minutes.

Hepatitis B Virus: detect presence of this virus , which usually produces no symptoms, but whose infectivity is 100 times higher than HIV.

Hepatitis C virus: early detection of this virus is key. If infection and is not detected early, consequences in liver (long-term) can be fatal.

Gonorrhea: is an infection responsible for a high percentage of female infertility, while making a very annoying condition. Your symptoms may be confused with other infections. Our method allows you to clear your doubts definitively.

Syphilis: infection with this bacteria causes some discomfort sometimes difficult to differentiate from other conditions, but greatest risk are long-term consequences. If not detected and treated in later stages it can cause serious heart and nervous disorders to level. Our test can detect both early infection as a possible late infection, allowing you to know the possibility of a previous infection. With this end, both a blood sample and a sample from exudate/lesion are analyzed.

Papillomavirus: You can take as a simple eczema, but is also responsible for serious cancerous conditions that lead to sterility. We can tell if infection if virus is a high or low risk for the development of such serious consequences.

Chlamydia: Infection usually without symptoms, which can lead to serious conditions such as infertility. Early detection of infection allows implementation of a simple treatment that avoids complications .

Herpesvirus: Responsible for cold sores (type 1) and genital (type 2), it is advisable to know whether these viruses are responsible for your inconvenience, to implement appropriate treatment. Our test difference between two viruses.

Cytomegalovirus: Virus widespread and easily sexually transmitted diseases can cause serious, though usually causes no symptoms.