EMPIREO actively supporting those groups, committed and caring, fighting for the eradication of STDs and especially HIV scourge.

EMPIREO, to that end, donates part of their proceeds to support the following organizations:

médicos del mundo
Logotype Dro fundation
Iniciativa de empresas responsables con el VIH y el sida en España
Coordinadora trabajando en positivo

We believe in the importance of the dissemination of science to bring the biotechnological advances closer to the Society. Therefore, EMPIREO works closely with the Biotechnology Communicators Association.

Asociación Comunicadores de Biotecnología

EMPIREO works for youth sexual health. We collaborate with Carné Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid and European Youth Card.

Image carné joven Madrid and European Youth Card

Training: Empireo SL has a commitment to social work, not only in the diagnosis of diseases, but in the training of future professionals. For this reason, we collaborate with the following educational centers:

universidad complutense de madrid
universidad autónoma de madrid
universidad carlos iii de madrid
Instituto Superior de Formación Profesional Claudio Galeno

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): But the commitment starts from within, so our employees enjoy flexible hours commensurate with your life balance and to mark our tenth anniversary, we all enjoy your free birthday date, without using holidays.