Our medical team is committed to the quality of our tests, diagnostic services and specialized medical consultation.

Authorization by the Health Authorities

Our center, as well as the tests and services we offer, have been authorized by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid. It also carries out periodic inspections to ensure compliance with the necessary requirements such as Clinical Analysis Diagnostic Center and Sample Collection Unit, registered in the Registry under number SL0223. In particular we comply with all the obligations detailed in the Order of regulation of technical-sanitary requirements of Analytical Diagnostic Centers which can be consulted by clicking here clicking here.

Autorización análisis clínicos laboratorio Empíreo

In addition, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has inspected our methods of obtaining samples, finding that they offer maximum safety for both patients and our workers.

Guarantee of our quality

Empíreo comply with the requirements for the detection of sexually transmitted infections published by the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC). In addition, we follow the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization and other leading institutions worldwide.

Our clinical analysis procedures meet these requirements and are periodically reviewed with the latest scientific and medical publications to provide the highest quality to our patients.

All information on the Web, such as asymptomatic infection rates, transmission risks according to sexual practice are supported by scientific and medical publications and detailed in the corresponding sections. The quality of the content on our website complies with the requirements for obtaining the Health Interest Web Seal (WIS) after being evaluated by the Evaluation Committee of www.portalesmedicos.com.

This ensures that:

  • The information that we offer is of scientific interest and collaborates with the Continued Formation of the professionals of the Health or with the Dissemination of the Medical Knowledge.
  • The information provided is original and completes the general knowledge.
  • Our web material offers the utmost confidentiality both at the professional and patient level. Will violate professional secrecy or the right to privacy of patients.
  • Our website comply with the ethical codes of the health sector at the international level.

It should be noted that the scientific team of the Research, Development and Innovation department of Empíreo works identifying biomarkers associated with several diseases with importance in human health. These are the basis for the development of new systems for the detection and diagnosis of these human pathologies, that we carry out in Empíreo.

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