EMPIREO S.L. is a molecular diagnostics company that puts latest technology available to everyone.

This allows us to analyze TUMOR MARKERS, genetic propensity OBESITY, EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP and the presence of SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED INFECTIONS  (STIs) such as HIV-1, ULTRASENSITIVE, HIV-2, HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS CPAPILLOMAVIRUS (HPV), gonorrhea, syphylis, chlamydia using PCR technique that unlike other tests like ANTIBODIES allows us to detect recent infections in the case of STIs.
Do you want to know how HIV and other STDs are diagnosed using PCR? You can see in this interesting video in which we explain it visually and easily.

In a recent publication, The World Health Organization (WHO) ensures that PCR methods are preferred over conventional diagnostic methods for their superior sensitivity and specificity, shorter turnaround time and quantification. Due to its high sensitivity, PCR is effective in detecting early infections or asymptomatic phases. In this sense, the diagnosis of HIV by PCR is more sensitive than the valuation of p24 antigen. This document is available through the WHO Web page.

In EMPIREO we are aware of the importance of early diagnosis. For this reason we use PCR technology for the early diagnosis of HIV and STD since our founding. However, since we are experts in human diseases such our services include different types of techniques such as rapid STI tests allow us to obtain results in just a few minutes.

For this we have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals.